HALLIM HANDWEAVERS is a local business on Jeju Island that used to specialize in producing clothing woven from St. Isidore's wool. In 1954, Father McGlinchey (Patrick James McGlinchey, 1928-2018), who had been assigned from Ireland on the other side of the world, purchased 35 cotton sheep and established St. Isidore Farm. He sought the assistance of nuns from his native Ireland to teach Jeju women the art of crafting "Aran knit" garments.

News of Hallim Handweavers’ products, renowned for their exceptional quality and vibrant designs, spread rapidly, earning the company a feature in TIME magazine.. Soon, a diverse clientele, including foreigners, Korean-Americans, and the spouses of high-ranking officials, began flocking to Hallim in Jeju. The overwhelming demand prompted the company to establish direct sales outlets in downtown Seoul and hotels on Jeju Island.

During the golden age of Hallim Handweavers, the then-expensive clothes were considered the finest luxury goods. At its peak, the company employed over 1,300 workers to keep up with the overwhelming demand for orders. However, the early 2000s marked a turning point with the surge in cheaper wool imports from China and the advancements in chemical fiber technology, leading to the unfortunate decline of Hallim Handweavers, nearly consigning it to the pages of history. 
In 2023 Nakyangyarn joined the Hallim Handweavers Revival Project by developing and producing the yarn.

│Revival of Hallim Handweavers’ yarn, a brand embodying the tradition of Jeju Island

One of the most important aspects of the revival of Hallim Handweavers was the yarn. From the beginning of the yarn development process, Nakyangyarn conducted numerous sample tests with artisans who worked at Hallim Handweavers to find the correct yarn twist and the correct yarn thickness that would allow the distinctive aran pattern to stand out.

The yarn is made of 100% mulesing-free wool to emulate the soft, cozy feel of the time, and is produced with worsted yarn, which is smooth with fewer hairs and less prone to pilling, resulting in a high quality yarn exclusively for Hallim Handweavers.

│A special DIY kit with a guide from a Hallim Handweavers master artisan

The DIY kit comes in two types: a vest and a muffler. The muffler, showcasing the basic Aran pattern, is of a difficulty level suitable for beginners to take on. The vest is recommended for knitters who have experience knitting garments as it is versatile and requires technique.

The vest and muffler included in the DIY Kit were crafted by a master artisan from Hallim Handweavers. To enhance comprehension, the Hallim Handweavers team supplemented the artisan's textual pattern with a chart pattern. Subsequently, four apprentices of the master artisan meticulously organized and digitized the patterns for the final version.

The Hallim Handweavers DIY kit includes both the artisan's handwritten pattern and a digital pattern, providing an abundant sense of enjoyment in comparing and experiencing both.

*The DIY Kit is only available in Korea.