Our Quality, Your Creativity

We are a company rooted in the expertise and traditions handed down across three generations in Daegu, the historical textile hub of Korea. Our venture commenced in Gyodong Market post-Korean War, and over the past five decades, NAKYANGYARN has held a unique position in the knitting history, akin to an enduring thread.

The initial proprietor of the family business, Kim Ki-ho, who is the grandfather of the current CEO Kim Eun-ji, skillfully guided Nakyangyarn by leveraging the expertise and skills acquired by his wife in the field of knitting. Under their leadership, the business emerged as one of the top wholesaler in the Gyeongsangbuk-do region, supplying yarn to major corporations, including SAMSUNG C&T (formerly CHEIL INDUSTRIES INC).

Kim Eunji, CEO of NAKYANGYARN Korea, and her grandfather, Kim Ki-ho, former CEO


In the 1970s, Kim Jong-sik inherited the company from his father and he took notice of the analogue charm of knitting. Choosing to transition from a wholesale business to a manufacturing enterprise, he utilized his knowledge and skills in yarn to produce various knitted products. Expanding beyond Daegu to Seoul and Busan, he laid the foundation for the ongoing success of the company. Carrying on the spirit of Representative Kim Jong-sik, Nakyangyarn continues to focus on the production of high-quality yarn.

Former CEO Kim Jong-sik at the office of NAKYANGYARN Korea

In 2014, the current CEO, Eunji Kim, took over the company, and through three generations of management, she continues to maintain the values and identity of Nakyangyarn. She has taken on the challenge of redefining Korean knitting yarn as an 'ORIGINAL' product by moving away from offline distribution and introducing new marketing methods. Nakyangyarn strives to grow to be more creator-friendly without losing its pride in quality, and now we want to showcase our products to the global market.


Our products find their way into the hands of our creators, and it's when they transform our products into works of art that they truly come to life. We aim to forge possibilities through diverse collaborations and establish meaningful connections with you.

It's not just a slogan, it's our business philosophy. Join us on this exciting journey and meet your knit with us.