Yarns are categorized by color and LOT (Lot number). Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause slight color variations depending on the LOT.
Color number and the LOT number are indicated on the back of our products to allow for specific referencing for your desired color.



If you require more yarn of a color you have already used, please check the color and LOT number before contacting us. For older LOT numbers, there is no guarantee that we still have them in stock. Therefore, we recommend ordering a sufficient quantity at all times.




Knots that might be found in the product result from the production process in order to offer products at a more reasonable price for consumers. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to minimizing knots as much as possible.



Washing Instruction

For knitted products, please opt for dry cleaning during the first wash if possible. In the initial stages, there might be color bleeding if washed with water, so please wash it separately.