Créateur mondial 2023

Nakyangyarn soutient les activités créatives de plusieurs créateurs en Corée du Sud, ainsi que d'artistes internationaux aux compétences et passions diverses. Présentation des talentueux créateurs mondiaux de 2023.

Artist: Woolsmith Knitwear, just the worsted, Jane Zielinski-Raynor, Amy Powell, Dainty Knit, Polleda Textiles, Bomstuh, Raphael Dias, Maria, wobbleblobbe

9 Créateurs 2024

Woolsmith Knitwear

The creation of my own knitwear is what now has turned into Woolsmith Knitwear.

The aim with the brand Woolsmith Knitwear is to make interesting yet timeless garments, that you can reuse and re-wear year after year. After all, all the time and effort that you put into your handmade knits should be shown off as long as possible.

9 Créateurs 2024

just the worsted

Meet the maker behind just the worsted! Lindsey is from the Unites States but has been living in South Korea with her partner for the last 10 years. Lindsey started designing size inclusive crochet patterns in 2021 and recently started expanding her skills by learning Tunisian crochet. Her inspiration comes from sights around Seoul and vintage movies, which can be seen in her designs that range from bold and colorful to reserved and muted. Although she started designing summer-friendly garments, Lindsey is a sweater weather lover at heart.

9 Créateurs 2024

Jane Zielinski-Raynor

At present I seem to be going in 2 different directions with designing - one is encouraging newer knitters to try making garments through chunky fast knits with minimal finishing, often knitted with no seams to sew.  The other is much more for me - exploring knitting pattern, colour, texture and shape and developing designs incorporating this. My inspiration so far has come from nature - especially sunsets and skies, interesting shapes both natural and man made and from knitting stitch patterns.

9 Créateurs 2024

Amy Powell

Amy Powell is a UK based knitwear designer & creative, with an interest in experimental yarns, techniques and freestyle knitting. She enjoys combining hand knitting with crochet and flatbed machine knitting to create her textiles and unique pieces. Having finished her fashion degree in London and moving back to the British countryside, she now uses her surroundings and love of history to inspire her current work.

9 Créateurs 2024

Dainty Knit

Specializing in unique, handmade knitwear designs. Staple designs are custom and made to order. Focusing on sustainability with the rework & one-of-a-kind collections, Dainty Knit strives to reduce environmental impact by using scrap yarn and secondhand sourced materials with these ever evolving collections. Every piece is handmade by Dainty Knit owner, Rebecca. Dainty Knit has been fortunate enough to have had a number of noteworthy clients.

9 Créateurs 2024

Polleda Textiles

I weave my textiles on mechanical weaving looms and create my intricate designs using special computer programs. I mix ancient motifs as a DJ for achieving some new unique configurations: in the same way many generations of traditional weavers have been doing it for thousands of years. I prefer natural materials like wool, silk, alpaca, cashmere, cotton and linen. I find inspiration in nature, beautiful yarns and in the magic of weaving process.

9 Créateurs 2024


As a trans nonbinary creator, I try to weave similar contrasts into my work; be it through bold colours, revealing fabrics or direct statements. The mere act of making something instead of purchasing something is empowering and liberating as it potentially removes all boundaries of markets, trends and expectations. Every handmade object carries so much of its creator in itself, and so with every stitch, I strive to be authentic in my presence and invite others to do the same.

9 Créateurs 2024

Raphael Dias

Inspired by the modernist movement, he transits through themes linked to his solar soul, to the curves of brazilian architecture, to the observation of nature's expression, he creates and revisits imaginary landscapes, shapes and contours linked to his experience and emotions. The tapestry compositions come from paper cuttings, which are transformed through the threads, in the stillness of weaving. Brings the sewing of time, with detailed manual work in textures, movement and organic shapes.

9 Créateurs 2024


My passion is vivid colours and unique combinations of fibres in knitwear designs. I love combining different techniques and I believe there is no limit for creativity in knitting. Patterns for knitwear shouldn’t be complicated to be unique. The aim of knitting is to bring joy, happiness and harmony. This is my rule while creating my own designs. Now I’m back with new ideas, even bigger experiments and desire to share my art with you.

9 Créateurs 2024


by Shenny Goh

wobbleblobbe is a knitwear brand creating fun, modern and size-inclusive patterns. While she has dabbled in crochet as a child, it only became a hobby when she picked up the hook again in 2020. Despite living in Singapore where it is summer year-round, her favourite things to make are cardigans (especially patchwork ones!).